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Brother Laser Multi-Function - Maintenance Mode

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NOTE: Printer Bullet is not responsible for any damage which may occur to your printer or supplies by following the below steps.  If you are unsure of how to proceed, please contact us for paid support options.


Please note that some of the terms used below to describe buttons may change from one printer to another. For example:

  • START may be down as MENU or SET on your printer or be a green button
  • STOP may be referred to as EXIT or a red button

Before you begin the reset procedure your Brother inkjet printer needs to be in maintenance mode, but depending upon the model of your printer the method of doing this will vary. For most modern Brother printers please try the following:

  1. With the printer turned on and ready to print remove the power cable from the printer (or turn the printer off if you have a fixed power cable).
  2. Hold down MENU/SET/START and re-insert the power cable/turn it back on.
  3. Keep the button held down until the screen reads MAINTENANCE.

If your screen does not now say MAINTENANCE it will need to be put into maintenance mode using one of the two methods below:

  • Printers with a built-in Fax: Hold down MENU/SET/START and quickly press * 2 8 6 4.
  • Printers WITHOUT a Fax: Hold down Menu/Set and the Black Start key before pressing the UP arrow four times.


The machine should show MAINTENANCE

- to print a Maintenance Report, press 77

(This report shows page count, error history, parts life, etc.)

- to exit Maintenance Mode, press 99


The maintenance mode functions shaded in the table can be used by end users.

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