HP DesignJet printer Care Pack Malaysia

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Protect your printer with HP Care Packs



What are HP Care Packs?     

HP Care Pack services are a range of support packages that expand and extend the standard warranty of your HP Designjet printer. They offer a range of hardware software services including premium onsite and telephone support.


HP Care Pack services protect your Designjet printer investment for a single predictable cost that is more reliable and cost effective than relying upon extensive time and materials call outs, they ensure that you get the very best in engineering skills and genuine new HP original parts and significantly reducing the downtime of your printer.


Buying and renewing support with HP Care Packs is easy and flexible. When you purchase a HP Designjet printer from HP or one of our resellers, it is easy to find the right support alternative. Just pick the one that matches you needs and buy exactly the level of support you need - no more no less.


Protect your business from unplanned costs


Your HP DesignJet printing equipment is an essential tool that supports your core business. In the event of unexpected problems, it’s vital to get the printer back up and running as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption.


To continue to benefit from fast onsite hardware support delivered the next business day, you need to purchase an extension of the standard product warranty and have your printer covered for up to five or more years.


With HP Next Business Day Onsite Hardware Support, all uncertainties disappear. Purchase this service as an HP Care Pack along with the new printer and enjoy full support coverage for the following two, three, four or five years. You can also extend this service for an additional period of one or two years.


This service grants you preferential support from HP, with fast and professional resolution, including remote assistance and onsite repair support and parts – all without any additional cost. HP Next Business Day Onsite Hardware Support helps you protect your printer investment by maximising printer uptime without incremental support costs.


For most HP DesignJet printers, this service includes a Defective Media Retention (DMR) option, which ensures your confidential business data stored on the printer’s memory devices do not leave your premises in the event of a memory device fault.



Service description


HP Next Business Day Onsite Hardware Support is a warranty extension package that offers technical phone support, diagnostics, spare parts, material and labour for HP DesignJet products. Simply call the local HP contact phone number to get fast access to a support agent who will perform remote trouble-shooting to diagnose the issue and, if possible, solve it immediately. If the problem cannot be resolved remotely, an HP authorised service technician will make the best effort to arrive at your site the next business day1 , equipped with the right replacement parts according to the remote diagnosis already performed.


The service includes:

• Remote problem diagnosis and support
• Onsite hardware support
• Replacement parts and materials
• Escalation management processes to facilitate the resolution of complex incidents
• Access to electronic support information and services
• HP electronic remote support solution
• Defective Media Retention (DMR) option (for eligible products only)


Hardware Phone Assistance Service
Software 9x5 Remote phone in support


Basic Assistance Service (BAS)



Maintenance Kit Replacement Service (MKRS)



Next Day Unit Exchange (NDEx)
Same Business Day (SBD)



Defective Media Retention (DMR)



NBD Call To Repair (CTR)





What level of service can I get?     

There are three levels of service available to safeguard your HP Designjet Printer, Scanner or Multi-function device.


Next Business Day On-Site
A HP engineer or authorised technician arrives the next business day after the service call is recieved, if this time falls within the coverage window. The care packs cover all parts, materials and labour, laong with technical phone support, troubleshooting and diagnostic support.


Same Business Day On-Site
A HP engineer or authorised HP technician arrives at your site within four hours after the service call is recieved, if the time falls withinthe coverage window. The care packs covers all parts, materials and abour, along with technical phone support, troubleshooting and diagnostic support.


Post Warranty
This care pack service takes over after your standard HP warranty expires, or after your up from HP care pack service expires. It provides expert responsive support that allows you to keep your imaging and printing hardware fully operational without worrying about availability issues.


How to activate your HP Care Pack?     
Before you start, please have the following details available for each physical HP Care Pack to be registered:

  • Hardware Unit Serial Number

  • Hardware Unit Product Code

  • HP Care Pack Serial Number

  • HP Care Pack Product Code